Our Mission Sponsors

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the gap between the value that sponsors deserve but rarely obtain and the racers need for financial support that they rarely receive.

Most racers struggle but survive by the pure love of the sport and the dream that drives them. Any sponsorship that these racers receive is usually limited to family or "discounted" products. We call them "coupon" sponsors.

True sponsorships or financial support, are usually reserved for only the top 1% of all racers.
It doesn't have to be this way!
Sponsors want a return for their investment!
Business owners stay in business through profits. Most successful business owners are generous and open to creative marketing ideas, but before they seperate with their hard earned dollars, it is only reasonable that they want to invest those dollars wisely.

A small logo on the back of a fender flying around the track at 40 miles per hour doesn't really give the business owner a "value".

This is where GMS Racings' concept of legitimate Added Value Sponsorships (AVS) comes in. GMS Racing delivers a true value for their sponsors by delivering a complete marketing package for any business wanting to support our team