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Sponsors are very important to the long term success of our sport.
Please visit ours and tell them GMS Racing Sent you!

Owner: Robyn Bryant
Phone: (732) 441-4447
Fax: (732) 727-7622
Website: sign-a-lize.com
Email: robyn@sign-a-lize.com
We specialize in Gold Leafing & Logo Creation!

Prompt Service & Personal Interest.

Attention to detail with an eye on quality.

If you don't look good, we don't look good.

Owner: David Suckey
Phone: (732) 528-4800 ext.221
Website: yourfinancialsecurity.net
Let me show you:

Why 401K's are a ticking time bomb!

Why traditional financial planning does not work!

What an L.O.C. is & how it can make or break your retirement.

Why more Americans are finding a better way to
achieve financial Independence.

Owner: Mike Colavita
Mike Termini
Phone: (609) 242-8477
Website: motoxsupport.com
Email: info@motoxsupport.com
Whether you ride occasionally or race professionally, you simply will not get better service and more dedication to you and your bike than Moto-X Support.

The owners are involved in every service performed and are nationally recognized. They not only work on bikes, they also race and understand the demands of both the serious biker and the hobbyist.

Moto-X sponsors dozens of racers throughout the country and their name says it all. Moto-X Support is quickly becoming an industry leader.

Visit their website and view the dozens of riders they support along with
thousands of products they offer.

Open 7 Days per week and located locally in Forked River, NJ.
Moto-X Support Pro 250 Rider
Brian Smith
Owner: Nick Montalbano
Phone: (732) 780-7474
Fax: (732) 431-5442
Email: info@homeimprovementguides.com
Interested in growing your small business in New Jersey? Why not
invest your hard earned dollars in a publication that is placed in
hundreds of strategic locations throughout the Garden State?

The Home Improvement guide is affordable advertising that generates real leads directly from the customer. Please visit their
website for advertising details, rates, and complete distribution data.
NJ Reps : Bill & Will Burner
Phone: (732) 618-7610
Email: info@supersyntheticoils.com
Even the best engine won't be able to take care of you if you don't take care of it. We highly recommend Amsoil lubricants and synthetic oils for your vehicle.

Even before Amsoil became a sponsor we ran their products in our bikes because of its superior protection and performance.

Amsoil products are tested all over the world in the toughest conditions in boats, motocross, NASCAR and other racing forums.
Owner : Allen Valvano
Account Executive: Ronald Valvano
383 Ridgedale Ave
East Hanover, NJ
Toll Free: (973) 428-9000
Cell: (973) 462-8460
The principals at Paymedia have been providing payroll services to businesses in New Jersey for over 20 years. Unlike other payroll companies; they do a lot more than just produce checks, reports and file taxes. They provide customized reports, flexibility in the times and ways they report employee hours and they pay attention to detail.

Paymedia becomes an extension of your company. This allows you to have total peace of mind, enabling you to focus on the needs of your business, saving you time and money. Transistions from any existing payroll service you may be currently using is very simple and they do all the work. They can probably save you a lot of money as well!
Owner: Richard & Terrance Ward
151 Highway 33, Suite 2
Manalapan, NJ 07726
Phone: (732) 431-4447 x202
Fax: (732) 431-2730

Website: www.meracard.com
Email: terrance@meracard.com
Building a business is tough to do these days without accepting payment
via credit cards. It is also hard to grow your business if you are paying
through the nose to merchant service providers the profits you have earned.

Meramak is honest and reliable with a long track record of delivering
exactly what you need at rates that are amongst the most competitive in
the industry. Contact Terrance today for a free onsite analysis.